Our special green axes
Booting Exxon boosts Marape – for now



Politicians, what a mediocre bunch,
Rising to political limelight,
By hook or crook schemes,
Seeking power, vanity, glory.

Often with rhetoric and fakery,
Not synchronising very much,
Because they say one thing,
If only to do the opposite.

Like leeches sucking the blood of life,
Pig snouts plunging in the trough,
Draining the nation’s sacred wealth,
Taking us on a downhill slide.

Interested mostly in self gain,
Amassing extensive wealth and power,
Building corrupt empires of theft,
Even fighting hard to grab what's left.

Crooked ways of life and business,
Invented by their twisted cronies,
Peddled in sugar coated bites,
To blind us to their immorality.

Intelligence traded for abject folly,
False visions sold on glittering altars,
God’s ancient values much ignored,
Fairness and charity cast to the winds.

As they reign, so the nation pains,
Coffers bleed and Treasury’s drain,
Then putting the nation high at risk,
With a mountain of debt it cannot repay.

Never acknowledging the reality,
They cower under lies and dishonesty,
They denude us all of truth and justice,
Making foul compact with sin and evil.

Senseless, naive and unthinking men,
They over promise just to under deliver.
They think themselves as if they’re gods,
Failing to realise their mortal soul.


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