Providing the water of life
Thinking to lose weight, maybe

The River Died


The once big river is dead 
It died somehow silently
None came to the funeral 

But people wept with stories 
Of how great the river was |
When it fed and nourished 

Each and everything that were 
It looked after all that came 
For life, food and cool

Each man, woman and child 
Each bird, animal and fish 
Each plant, grass and tree 

As it flows free from a trickle 
It gave free from its bosom 
A good life for all

But it died uncared for 
Perished while it gave freely
None went to its funeral 

We are busy being greedy 
Building big dams and drains 
Taking and not giving back 

We are busy making profit
Pouring poisons from factories
Polluting and not cleaning up

We forgot about the river 
And it died slowly silently 
No more life left in it 

It just flows and stares 
With a blank murky look 
It's memory lost and dead 


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Dennis K Belas

These pot-belly pollies should be taken to those chemically- contaminated rivers and be forced to drink from it.

Maybe then, that should be the genesis of the new covenant of anti-corruption.

Philip Fitzpatrick

Reminds me of the Darling River, one of the main tributaries for the Murray River in Australia.

And the Ok Tedi of course.

If the will is there they can be saved. The Thames in the UK is a case in point. It was a rancid sewer but is now reasonably healthy.

The hard part is convincing the politicians.

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