When the last old kiap dies
‘Cry Me a River’ - the encore

A million ideas & millions gone

Simon Davidson h&s
Simon Davidson - "Then rumour seeped and spread around/Of influence applied to siphon millions/Floating swollen sums to bloated cronies"


This man was minted as a lawyer
Understanding of human rights,
Rising to prominence in politics.

With fancy partisan rhetoric;
He wooed the city’s grand elite,
To secure their political mandate.

He trumpeted to the ill-starred mass
The gullible people of suburb and slum,
The nation too, through incurious media

“I’ve a million ideas to change this city,”
A winning slogan echoed far and wide.
“Give me your precious, respected votes!”

With the forceful charm of seductive design,
He swept to power in landslide triumph,
Dethroning the hapless incumbent fellow.

Then held power’s mantle for years,
Reigning as ruler of a golden city,
Relishing control and emanating allure.

Then rumour seeped and spread around,
Of influence applied to siphon millions,
Floating swollen sums to bloated cronies.

Allegations they were, no hard evidence yet
“Where be smoke, be flames” people said
“Are these riches that belong to voters?”

Was the ‘million ideas’ mantra, in reality,
A ruse, a gambit, a window dressed,
To spirit away treasures to the undeserving?


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