The Great Disruption of 2020
Midnight vigil of the buai buyers

Bubu Meri


When mama couldn’t wean me
Bubu meri rescued me
She fed me sago dumplings
And fish soup from the same bowl

When mama couldn’t bear me
Bubu meri picked me up
A feather on her bosom
Where I slept like royalty

When mama couldn’t stand me
Bubu meri took me out 
Where I pulled out her corn shoots
Thinking I was pulling grass

When mama couldn’t doze me
Bubu meri told me tales 
Of ogres, giants and dwarves
Who stole and ate little kids

When mama couldn’t soothe me
Bubu meri calmed me down
She showed me coconut trees
Told me that’s where lizards live


bubu meri - grandmother (Tok Pisin)


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Raymond Sigimet

Thank you Jane, I'm glad this resonated with you.

Jane Maladina

I love this poem. It's perfect in all the right places.

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