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Covid-19’s global stress test

Covid-19: Politicians must step up

Illustration by Till Lauer


PORT MORESBY - History is clear that political ploys in time of crisis accomplish nothing.

Instead, they create disunity, become a threat to innocent citizens and complicate simple problems.

And this is what is happening in Papua New Guinea today.

Many of our thinking citizens hardly trust their leaders in this red alert period with when Covid-19 is not knocking but kicking our door.

Reading about political ploys in the Post-Courier newspaper is disgusting to many people because we don’t care to discuss politics at a time when the world has been taken by surprise by coronavirus.

PNG politicians need to put aside their differences and stand united to fight against the coronavirus because political ploys will never save innocent lives.

Many people in Port Moresby and some provinces are living in fear and politicians should work to help people who have trusted them with power.

I must say can’t understand what makes our politicians talk more about politics at a time when politics are useless to fight against this viral enemy.

I suggest these ways for our politicians to jointly agree strategies to help citizens.

Tell the military to work without expecting something from the government because, if ever there was a time to sacrifice for their country, it is now.

Spend the money to create more awareness of coronavirus, especially in remote areas because if it penetrates these places, it is likely people will die in their thousands.

Instruct schools to take extra precautions because schools are likely avenues for the virus to infect many people quickly.

Tell all the politicians to be true to themselves and to the people by not putting money into their own pockets so funds are used for the wellbeing of the nation.

Allow the churches to return to normal fellowship because it’s unfair when shopping centres are open from 8 am to 4 pm while churches are open only from 9 am 12 pm.

PNG is susceptible to Covid-19 because we don’t have the health infrastructure and workers that developed countries have to fight against this deadly disease.

It’s time for politicians to stand together and fight on behalf of the nation by putting aside all their personal differences and desires.


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Lindsay F Bond

Stepping out of PNG for a brief encounter with the enormity that is the variety of political responses to this novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, take a look at comment on heading of the USA.

Today it was said “The US President has a rambling, unscientific mind…”

See: https://www.theaustralian.com.au/

A month ago it was said “Trump has shown classic narcissistic behavior once again by punishing those who have not fed his ego enough or those who have called out his lack of action…”

See: https://www.forbes.com/sites/stephaniesarkis/2020/03/28/trumps-narcissistic-punishment-of-withholding-michigan-aid/#416b9fe05157

Amazing. That’s not from ‘social media’.

Returning to PNG, Government has taken decisive action as reported by Michael Kabuni.
See: https://devpolicy.org/covid-19-the-situation-so-far-and-challenges-for-png-20200327/

Response also has an “Official COVID-19 Website”, with “Chronology of Events”.

PM James Marape declared a State of Emergency, also National Parliament declared it and extended it.

See: https://covid19.info.gov.pg/

Creditable. The politicians working in concert and concentrated effort.

Justin’s urging of politicians is a necessary exposure. His words point to the selfishness of politicians who dilute the message that people expect of a government that needs to lead and needs to be stating clearly the most appropriate of course for people to avoid affliction.

Justin states his hopes by way of imperatives.

What is imperative also for the nation, is that Justin’s generous investment in time and truisms is taken up by more PNG folk, who can and ought exercise their participatory principles. Can readers see more of what is written by PNG people?

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