In defence of the new world
Fortress Australia – or what?

Corvid-19, 2020


A shadow of death passes through universe
Virus with no physical strength
Like Egypt faced in old times
But fear grips entire world for enemy unseen
Unprepared and caught in surprise
Shadow of death covers human race
Thousands fall like dried leaves, prey to its touch
The might of Corvid-19

How and where is the question sought
Man made or natural yet be known
Countries shifting blames for political propaganda
Economics collapse, investors, employees terminated
Heavy burdens on hearts, uncertainty stares back
Technologies to combat, drug ,food shortage
A global devastating havoc in inhuman history
The feared Corvid-19

But thank you Corvid-19
You have shown us how vulnerable we are
The importance of health hygiene
Trespassing with no restriction
Clean ghost towns, no more noise, air, land, sea pollution
Nature takes short break ever since
Mankind will always be victims
And 2020 pandemic blacklisted as worst ever
Pandemic virus Corvid-19


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