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Cry Me a River #1

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PORT MORESBY - I smiled at the petite cashier and she smiled back at me.

I collected my goodies and saw the cashier still wearing that beautiful smile for me. I smiled back with a glint in my eyes.

But it was over for me. I swallowed my pride and turned away from this kaksi.

I needed to get my ego adjusted over a flour ball and Coke so was halfway into it with one eye on the phone's FB page.

The messenger icon showed someone had in-boxed me.

I popped it open. There was an attached video. I clicked on the video and next minute was scrambling to cover it up.

The idiot had inboxed me porn and I was smack in the middle of a haus kai with people who had eyes in the back of their heads looking at me.

The darned phone's volume was way up and you could hear the gasps and sweet nothings go up to the roof.

I could have done better to switch it off. Instead my hands were all over the screen. All eyes were on the phone.

It was hot property number one and me a persona non grata.

I was sure someone was calling the police that very moment.

Me and my ego. A lauto should know their place.

Did I ever believe that a cute cashier would seriously smile at me? I was sure she was smiling at me.

I did turn heads and some misplaced smiles in my heyday, and still believe I could do the same in my current state of affairs.

I now wear shirts that shriek as they hold back my expanding form. Misplaced ego, I think.

Now I am in deep shit because someone got onto my ego to inbox me a darned porn and I was not being clever to open it in a public space.

Darn, dammit, me and my ego. I need to grow up lauto.

I walked out of the haus kai with lots of eyes on my back with a few accompaniments of ribald comments.

I was awash with rivers of shame.

You that forwarded me the porn, maybe we should conference that with NICTA and the police.


kaksi - PNG slang for a cute person
FB - Facebook page
haus kai - A place dispensing cooked food
persona non grata – unwelcome person
lauto - Local PNG slang for an elderly person
NICTA –National Information and Communication Technology Authority


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Dominica Are

Haha! I'm taking this story as a good lesson not to open any attachments in my messenger in public places.

Baka Bina

Thank you KJ. The same is also published on my Facebook page.

Don't ask me how you can get onto that and read my other short 'flash fictions', because I don't know how being a lauto.

Cheers all.

As a lauto in good standing, and being very much afraid of the sospen, I very much enjoy your flash fictions - KJ

Daniel Kumbon

For mine heart, it's still 16 as ever. To it, it seems all the good ones were reserved for this moment.

You ask, did that person make a mistake to take what should have been yours?

You live in your mind. The inbound message was no mistake.

For mine heart yesterday is still today and tomorrow is beyond its reach.

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