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George & I

In Their Cocoon


As the flames of the bushfire spread
To reach home is everyone’s dread

Fear cripples me as I watch the news
All around the world anxiety brews

But it’s human to panic
In a global pandemic

Though little humans remain oblivious
They continue, as usual, to be mischievous

As they watch The Trolls with excitement
I feel the fire spread, in disappointment

Every morning they wake up cheery
Whilst I awake worried and weary

Too much worrying, and fear of unknown
In deepest misery I could almost drown

But their infectious laughter pulls me through
To live without fear as we want to do

Whilst adhering rigidly to instructions
Stay home, stay safe, no obstructions

In their carefree world I’d love to dwell
But the fire will stop, all will be well


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Dominica Are

Chips, Fr Garry and Michael, appreciate the wonderful remarks. I'm still brushing up on my poetry writing, hence the comments and reference will be a great boost to learn more and write better.

Yes, this piece is a picture of what is happening in my home amidst all the chaos and tragedies around us.

I look at my children (two toddlers), living their carefree life in their little world and I just find peace.

We have to embrace every single moment of being alive and don't let fear and worry waste your time and steal your joy.

Chips, will surely contact you.

Thank you.

Michael Dom

A clear picture you give us in this piece, with a strong sense of parental concern.

Well written because you meant every word.

The simple sentences metamorph in the couplet to make a poetic statement with smooth efficiency.

"Fear cripples me as I watch the news
All around the world anxiety brews"

And this says more about being a good parent than any didactic mumbo jumbo we might pontificate:

"Every morning they wake up cheery
Whilst I awake worried and weary"

Good stuff.

Garry Roche

Dominica, thank you.
I am imagining your home scene.
Keep writing.

Chips Mackellar

Congratulations Dominica. This is the first time in years in PNG Attitude that I have seen a poet attempt to write with proper rhyme and rhythm. You have done well.

For future reference, you might like to follow this guide which has perfect rhyme and rhythm:


A poem should have a story to tell.
Its lines must scan and they must rhyme well,
With a rhythm keen with an easy beat,
Like pounding hooves or like marching feet,
With words that are plain and easy to say,
With meanings as clear as the light of day,
With intentions sharp and opinions strong,
And not too short and not too long.

If I can be of any help to your poetry, contact me direct at And send us more poetry. You have the perfect gift.

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