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A Million Miles in A Million Lies

Truth-2069843_1280ERIC MOLONG

I once took a million mile leap,
And told a lie to prove it.
I think everyone is high,
They believed it and so did I.

I once lived a lie for every day I woke,
And woke up the next with a lie to tell,
The routine in the day is unbearable,
A death from a million lies more tolerable!

I once wore a lie for every clothes I wore,
Each fabrication made each fabric fit.
I wanted to look the look and walk the walk,
Beauty is in the eye of the beautician said the sock.

I once had a friend for every lie I told
Each one as genuine as my authentic fake smile,
All of them as caring as lion to gazelle,
I didn't feel the knife, it was love I could tell.

I once ate a lie with every meal I devoured,
Had busting abs and devilish good looks.
Each shard on the floor echoing the same call,
You truly are the fairest of them all.

ImagesI once lived a perfect life in a million lies,
I told each lie with the purest intent.
A white lie here, a half-truth there,
Two lies do make a truth, that's all I care!


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Michael Dom

I like that comment, Philip, but I don't think we can fully educate ourselves in speaking and acting in truth.

I'm afraid that living in truth requires more fundamental thought reaching into the depth of our human nature, at the very root of our psyche.

But I'm not Carl Jung, so I'll need to read what he thinks before I formulate my thoughts.

All I can say is, truth is damn tough on my psyche.

Philip Kai Morre

Our whole being is full of lies. Carl Jung refers to 'persona', meaning putting on masks to hide our true feelings.

Every day we lived by pretending and hide our true feelings. We don't want others to know the hidden parts of our personality. We see it as a threat that undermines our whole being. Truth itself can threaten our core being.

However, telling the truth can set us fee from problems and give us inner peace and feelings of authenticity.

We have to be educated to tell the truth. Truth, love, beauty, justice and courage are all qualities that constitute true being.

Michael Dom

Fried lies for dinner, prepared with extra grease, spiced with juicy tidbits of half truths.

Wash that down with hearsay.


Lindsay F Bond

Truth to tell, if deed maligned, it's fibs flow, barbing bites.

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