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Lessons I have learned

Justin Kundalin
Justin Kundain - five lessons to share with friends


PORT MORESBY – It was the greatest moment for me. Last November I graduated with a diploma in pastoral ministry.

Having been brought up in a dysfunctional home where my parents eventually divorced, I had grown up without a moral anchor. To me the words ‘dad’ and ‘mammy’ were strange.

I grew up without saying them because both had gone their separate ways leaving behind me and my younger brother. I thank God that my grandmother picked us up.

There was little support from my mother’s relatives and we struggled with poverty. But I got through secondary school (in five years not four).

And after battling to find tuition fees and overcome some personal issues I eventually completed the diploma in pastoral ministry at Sonoma Adventist College.

So I owe my life’s achievements so far to my grandma. From elementary to primary to secondary to completing my diploma is a miracle and I can’t thank God enough.

Now I’m studying for a bachelor of theology in my final year at Pacific Adventist University.

So now I just want to share with friends some of the lessons I’ve learned.

No external predicament can destroy your potential.

The world is yet to see the power of your potential. No problem is bigger than God-given potential. We are the measure of our potential.

The greatest tragedy in life is when we don’t realise the great potential that is in us to get to our destiny. I realised I was not an accident but that God designed me and planned for my life just as He has planned for everyone in this world.

Life is best shaped in the path of hardship.

I learned that the only way to escape hardship and fleeting predicaments in life is to die or not to born. There is no rose without a thorn and thorny experiences shape life. I have learned more through my hardship than the hours spent in the lecture rooms. Hardship taught me more. I learned wisdom going through tough times.

When you are determined, God steps in to help.

I have discovered that God never helps a lazy person. I believe that God helps those who help themselves. I tried to stay focused on my goals and I believe God provided me with the means necessary to help me achieve them.

Not to give of your best is a crime.

We must give of our best because, if we don’t, we won’t see good results. We are born to give our best and must give our best in everything we do.

Books are a solace in times of difficulty.

During my difficult moments, I have found solace in books. Nothing is more powerful to speak to us in our worst moments than the Bible and other inspirational books. I have learned so much from reading.

Books have the power to minister to your deepest longings. To me, books are my everyday companions. Furthermore, God gave me the privilege to complete my first book and Phil Fitzpatrick has edited it and also written the foreword and now I’m looking for a sponsor to publish it.

The blessings I have received in the midst of my challenges far outweigh the challenges. Stay focused and live to give your best.  


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Lindsay F Bond

Good to see your writing, Justin. You are an 'encourager' and an example for encouraging folk to try.

Where your words alight upon PNG people and land as if of gentle rains, growth will emerge and blossom.

All of PNG will benefit when writing reaches for furthering enlightenment.

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