Are we at an historic turning point?
Can you win this big poetry contest?



Soft embrace of morning
I plead you come quickly
I am restless and waiting

While the night's still sleeping
my mind is all awake
It is talking and mocking

The cold lurking outside
watches with dark intent
While I cringe alone inside

My eyes grope in the dark
My ears pique at insects' talk
and sound of a distant bark

Birds on trees are awake
They herald the first light
Come quickly for my sake


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Raymond Sigimet

Hi Phil, thanks for the prompt. Indeed, a fascinating theme to write about and explore.

Been scribbling a few lines of late while chasing themes along the way. Yet to arrive, I guess. But will surely do in due course.

Philip Fitzpatrick

That's a fascinating image Raymond. Darkness coming out of the bush and wandering among our homes. There's a poem in there I think.

Raymond Sigimet

Phil, I once asked a family relative if he had ever come across or saw anything peculiar (like a ghost or spirit or something of that nature) while on solo hunting trips in the night. His response was "never once".

He could easily distinguish and identify nocturnal sounds like creatures moving or dry twigs falling. He said he had never once heard, saw or came across anything strange while alone with his torch (flash light) and hunting gear in the dark, in the bush.

Darkness would rather walk amongst our homes than in the bush.

Philip Fitzpatrick

Nicely done Raymond.

The fear of the night is a fascinating theme.

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