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The Man in the Mirror


One day when I opened my mouth to speak
I heard a language I did not understand
I went to the bathroom to take a peek
At my reflection in the sky-roofed mirror and
To my relief the face was my very own
So I said, "Oh it's you,
I thought for a moment you were gone"
And mirror-me smirked back through
The thin looking-glass veneer
"Yes, it's me, you know I'm no voice in your head"
So I replied with a sardonic sneer
"That's ok, come on out, I won't tell till I'm dead"
Then mirror-me smiled and looked back eye-to-eye
When he said, "Back to work boy", his lips moved, not mine.


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Bernard Corden

When Don McLean was asked what on earth the lyrics in the song American Pie meant his response was:

" It means I will never have to work again"

Michael Dom

I have no idea what it means to readers, I just write the stuff down to appease the voices in my head.

Philip Fitzpatrick

Especially if you add the inflections and emotion Garry. It's definitely a poem to be read aloud. And who cares what it actually means Ed. I wonder whether even Michael knows that.

Garry Roche

Reading it aloud brings out the rhyming. Thank you Michael.

Michael Dom

High praise Lindsay, thank you for your generosity.

Lindsay F Bond

Michael discombobulated, nay,
Michael discobolus statured, yay,
mirrored mouthing motionlessly miraged musing matchlessly mentioned moving micrurgy magnfied marking masterly,
Michael discerning intone as a write for height.

Michael Dom

Hmm, assign, of course.

Michael Dom

Dead men tell no tales.

Rather, who will post mortem this corpse and assign the correct cause of death?

Ed Brumby

So, whom will you tell? When you're dead, that is?

Michael Dom

The ideologically possessed.

Philip Fitzpatrick

Good one Michael.

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