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Till Death Do Us Part

Hezron Wangi
Hezron Wangi Jr


Putridity o’ liquid flesh,
Corrosive tears and cursed heart,
A secret too dark,
And lethal to part,
Alas, some truth must depart.

Apparitions in the dark,
Voices in the halls,
Seeping secrets,
Of her murderous fall,

Darkened corners,
Frighten me,
When her phantom
Is all I’ll see,

Once bonded,
By heav’n’s laws
She loved me dearly,
Past my fatal flaws.

Sanctified, holy,
Joined in matrimony,
By the friar’s breath,
Ne’er to part till death

Growing weary,
Of my wicked ways,
Her love unrequited,
I was replaced.

Affrighted I tried,
To win her heart,
Lovelorn, my bride,
Grew further apart.

She drew her last,
In throes of passion,
Her lover, aghast,
Died in succession.

My blade was quick,
Stabbed and dead,
Her and Sir Dick,
Naked in our bed.

Lifeless, they lie,
Their sinful cadavers,
Submerged in lye,
Forever he’ll have her

In purgatory then hell,
I will suffer and not die.
Her ethereal yell,
Screaming from the lye

The papers reported her missing,
They had much to uncover.
They last saw them kissing,
Her and her lover.

The town searched,
But they couldn’t find,
So did the church,
But I didn’t mind.

No bones, no flesh,
No corpses remained,
The murder was fresh,
My innocence feigned.

Her wraith,
Disturbs me still
Her hate,
I still can feel.

Love unrequited,
And justice denied,
My guilt unacquitted,
In this uxoricide.


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Hezron Wangi Jr

I appreciate the comments. Thank you for your wonderful words Lindsay, Michael and Stephanie.

Poets ever truly paint with eyes closed, the complete masterpiece is in the eyes of the beholder

Stephanie Alois

I love the phrase "some truth must depart" which gives me an additional perspective on a poem I've been thinking about writing.

This piece sure has a rich comparison and expression of emotions.

Michael Dom

A pungent juicy revelation. Well preserved. Serves four.

Lindsay F Bond

Of flower full with petals, a nectar of sweetness, sad of tale, richly wrote.

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