The end of the world
Eh, mi seksek

he has had enough


he didn't plan to leave, he never wanted to
he wanted to stay, to build, to see things through
it started off with the doors slamming
then followed the swearing and the shaming

a punch to the head and kick to the balls
whenever his sister or father calls
once she kicked his mother out of the house
and said she has the right to as the spouse

and you wonder why he is so violent
you wonder why he's in the room and doesn't
want to go to church on sundays anymore
why he packed his bag and walked out the door

he has had enough, he has had enough
of being broken, and breaking things in half


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Michael Dom

The other side of the coin is surprisingly familiar too.

That's a good re-versification.

Not wanting to go to church on Sunday anymore is an interesting twist. It maybe the man is not wanting to live in the façade of a happily married couple, where the wife dominates that territory of 'holy matrimony'.

An interesting element for the religious to consider in the cause of domestic abuse and victimization.

As an aside, I find it frustrating how some people can be such assholes and still use their religious belief as a club to bludgeon others.

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