Our horrible history
Fall of a family man

I Chose You


With hope, I chose you
With respect, I honour you
With trust, I held on to you

Speak for me, I whispered
Cry for me, I cried
Bleed for me, I’m wounded

My stomach growlin’, I slept
Hoping for a brighter dawn
Only to wait til’ dusk

You slept upon fortunes
With more than enough
Overflows to the trash

You completely forgot
My trust
My loyalty

Negligence is your call
Deceit is your lifestyle
Pride boosts your shoulders

So many promises
So many pledges
No fulfilment

I am waiting, and waiting
Coz with faith, and hope
I chose you


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Gideon Kindiwa

Hi Michael - I appreciate your suggestions and would wholly take into consideration some of the important skills and techniques of language use and how to master rhythm, such as your pick for the last stanza.

I also very much agree with your suggestion for the second stanza. "Fight for me, I cried", really fits in well with "Bleed for me, I'm wounded".

I'm learning something new here.

Thank you once again.

Michael Dom

Hi Gideon, I like the deceptive simplicity here, nicely personalised, so that there's some ambiguity, i.e., between a personal or political call.

Suggestion: "Cry for me, I cried" could be "Fight for me, I cried".

That fits well with "Bleed for me, I'm wounded" which I think is an excellent phrase.

Also, the third stanza is so good that it does not need the distraction of that conversational "growlin" or nonsensical "til" (till is already a word) neither of which does anything special, so I'd say give back the whole words.

Now, "Coz", of which I'm not a fan of in general is, to me with honesty, a little lazy coz it's too easy to use.

(It's a 'subordinating conjunction', so 'this here whatever' because 'that there whatever'.)

Necessity, sparingly, appropriately, unusually and strategically are some of my bywords for utilizing the power of diction.

In that second last line try "It was" if you don't like "Because" or simply "With faith and hope / I chose you". (The commas before and are not necessary.)

Or go all the way, since this last stanza is the clincher:

"I am waiting and waiting / With faith and high hope / I chose you".

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