The myth of freedom
The Chase

Love's Left Unsaid


             She fell for the sparkle in his eyes
                          His final smile each time he leaves
                              Blinded her vision, detained her speech
                                     Oh, such a feeling!
                                       She longed for more
                                            But he just stood
                                               The love left unsaid

                 He stared from afar
                            Her movements of grace
                                 Distracted his concentration
                                      and drove him nuts
                                         How overwhelming!
                                           He dreamed of having her
                                                But she was easier to watch than touch
                                                    So the love was left unsaid

                      She recognised love-shyness
                           Compliments eased her heart
                                 Kept her hopes up longer
                                      But silence unbearable!
                                           Expecting him to move first
                                               Now he’s confused about the truth
                                                   Abandons her heart in suspense
                                                    So the love was left unsaid

                          He realised she’s hard to get
                                Her humour threw him off guard
                                     Building his confidence higher
                                          Oh, but she’s a puzzle!
                                             He tries so hard to read her
                                               But her inscrutability intimidates
                                                  Leaving his heart aching in horror
                                                       So the love’s left unsaid. 


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Stephanie Alois

Thank you Lindsay. I have a vivid imagination I guess.

Stephanie Alois

Thank you Hezron and Michael. Yes it's for teens who show but can't tell.

Lindsay F Bond

Stephanie, wow, and that is for the drift, as visual dalliance.
Then your parade of poses, upon which readers sup in delight.

(Has that 1815 day at Waterloo, its close run chase as much at chance, been analysed as exquisitely?)

Hezron Wangi Jr

Gripping words with a prodding urgency. Enough to push a man to profess his love. Great work Stephanie.

Michael Dom

Smells like teen spirit to me.

I like "inscrutability intimidates".

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