Diction: terse, complex, specific
On the mend at last

Still doing the tough yards


BRISBANE ~ My stay in hospital has been longer and harder than I thought likely and I’ve found it impossible to keep the blog going.

There have also been technical issues frustrating my internet access, so for the first time in 15 years we’ve had a big gap in communications.

I’m now recovering and expect the blog to be back to full blast soon.

Hang in there.


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philip kai morre

I feel sad when I heard that Keith was back in hospital but feel relief when he is recovering. Francis nii is also having difficult after his operation. he is still weak but recovering when I visited him yesterday. may the good lord take care of them.

Andrew Brown

Hope you're on the mend.

Robert L Parer CMG MBE

You are having a rough time Keith with recovery from major operation and how did you do anything at all with the ultra slow Wesley WiFi ? Thanks a million for all you have done over the years for us all.Please take it easy Mate.God Bless.

Lindsay F Bond

As words urge on wellness
and wellness verges words
hear words swell with smiling
in urging well in you.

Kenny Pawa

Get well soon, Keith.

Ed Brumby

Go well, Keith

Joe Hernan

Wishing you speedy recovery, Keith.

william Dunlop

G'Day, Keith all the best.

Barbara Short

Get well soon. Missed you.

Norm Wilson

Get well soon

Chips Mackellar

Stay with us, Keith.
We miss you.

Stephanie Alois

Thank you Keith for letting us know.
We pray you'll get well sooner than anticipated.
May God bless you.

Pritchard Tabali

thumbs up for the job you are doing even in your sickbed. Get well soon. Best wishes and love from PNG.

Martin Hadlow

Take it easy Keith. No need to hurry. Health comes first.

Good luck for a full recovery.

Baka bina

Gee wisssh. Its been some quiet long days of silence which were worrying. Good to here all is okay - okay albeit with some concern. Hope you speedy recovery. Laikim.

Iso Yawi

Prays for you Keith. Have a speed recovery.

Michael Dom

Em nau

Garry Roche

Keith, welcome back.

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