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The Chase

I+am+the+stormGIDEON KINDIWA

You’re chasin’ the wind
Your feet’s dancin’ thing
The ground is hot coal
Jus’ burnin’ your soul
You couldn’t stand firm
With this world’s turn

You’ve had enough
But you can’t rebuff
You just want more
Your heart’s so sore
You couldn’t look back
And say, ‘What the heck?

‘I’ve got all I need
‘I don’t need to feed
‘It’s nothin’ but greed
‘That’s mak’n me bleed’
But instead you chase
Your greed into space

Money’s not enough
Gettin’ more is tough
But you want the power
So you can get even more
Money gives you the form
But power is the storm


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Gideon Kindiwa

Your page is an excellent platform for writers and readers to engage in sharing their work and to comment and critique each other's works - which is something an amateur writer like me needs.

I'm more than happy to continue contributing and I'm open to scrutiny.

JoMarie Dua

"I've got all I need,
I don't need to feed"

And yet...

Stephanie Alois

Fits the current situation in our societies where money and power rule.

Lindsay F Bond

Gideon's invitation had this reader traipsing an uncertain road where the flow of words has heed less agreed.

In Australia, at grocery shops, one most usual greeting to customers is, "How's your day been?"

To which for reply, it would be fun to recite 'The Chase'.

Hezron Wangi Jr

Greed is an insatiable thirst. Great job on this insight to this endless chase, Gideon.

Michael Dom

That's got a snappy kind of jazz feel to it.

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