Still doing the tough yards
On the mend at last

Please bear with me


BRISBANE - The news from the Brisbane line is grim. Two weeks after surgery I'm barely able to walk and in constant pain.

Furthermore, the medication to dull the pain so confuses the mind as to make it difficult for me to read and write. Rather burdensome challenges for an editor.

And to add hard labour to to this baseline indignity, the email system at the Wesley is reliable only its in effectuality.

More tests this week for me but for you I cannot promise much. Please bear with me.


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Alex Nara

Speedy recovery Sir.. God Bless

Hezron Wangi Jr

I'm keeping you in my prayers, God bless and speedy recovery Keith. Stap strong, bai you orait.

Dominica Are

Prayers and thoughts are with you and Francis Nii. Speedy recovery.

gordon shirley

Keith, Please get well soon---two too old Galg Chalkies Gordon Shirley and Ian Duncan

Bob Cleland

Keith, best wishes for an easing of the pain and a move towards recovery

Jimmy Awagl

Angra Keith, God will comfort your and heal you. Our hearts are with you during this time of pain. Recover well

philip kai morre

everything has its own timing. a time to enjoy, a time to suffer, a time to feel pain, a time to be frustrated, a time to feel sad and list goes on. I am feeling empathetic and sharing the pain Keith has gone through. same time Francis nii has gone through operation and he is weak and can not move around to write. my feelings are with those two great men and I am praying for their quick recovery.

Daniel Kumbon

KJ, Yu bai orait.

Raymond Sigimet

Keith, mi olsem wanpela poroman blong PNG Attitude, mi tingim yu long dispela taim. Take it easy, Mate.

Michael Dom

Keith, yu strongpela man na moa iet yu gutpela man. Mi stap wantaim yu long tingting. Anutu lukautim yu.

Kenny Pawa

I understand the pain you go through. Get well KJ

Chips Mackellar

We are with you, Keith.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Robin Lillicrapp

You are doing remarkably well to even venture a paragraph or two. Thank you for the courtesy.

Ian Ritchie

Keith, I wish you the best for your revovery, with as minimal pain as possible.

As all Papua New Guinians would say earnestly, may God bless you.

Garry Roche

Keith, our thoughts are with you and your family. A full recovery is more important than a hasty return.

Wardley Barry

Wishing you a speedy recovery, Keith.

Ed Brumby

Thinking of you, Keith: Stay strong ...

Martin and Anne

Oh Keith...this is really unsettling news.

As always, our best wishes for a positive outcome. Stay strong and focussed.

william Dunlop

Entirely sympathise with you Keith, had my hospital session October last year on a double fractured upper right arm and badly bruised left knee to foot,
A friction blister on my knee burst; alas within 24 hrs the dreaded Sepsis set in. Reamed me right out and still getting over it.
With somewhat fragmented memories.

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