Mine waste debate divides Huon people
Covid-19 exposes gross failures

Coviet-Straggler in Paradise

Coronavirus-map-world-2020Mar30-1280x640GREGORY BABLIS

Is this the death of progress?
Or the progression of death?
NCO – New Covid Order
A Trojan-horse
For NWO – New World Order
Stuck in purgatory
A perpetual limbo
Is this the new normal?
Niupla Pasin protocol.

But who knew?
WHO knew is who knew
Better late and slow
Than not being In the know
Now we all know
What WHO knew
So don’t be ignorant
Don’t be a Covidiot! 

Out with the old
And in with the new
Replace the old new
With the new new

Can’t move forward
Can’t fall back
What becomes of the morrow?
Spiraling out of control
On a convoluted trek
When questions are the answers
And answers are questions
Then there are no true answers!
So we all become dancers
To the W-H-O track.

Nowhere to go
But the bounds of home
The city limits
Or in my mind I roam
Biding time
Until I must bite the bullet
And make a move
Without committing a crime.

I’m a Coviet-straggler
Left behind
A stationary hustler 
Going nowhere fast
Looking forward
Yet caught in the present
Can the future ever be
As bright as a Covid-free past?


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Michael Dom

That's a very lyrical and rap like rhyme Greg.

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