Sonnet to morality (for Lindsay F Bond)
There’s no escape from our changing world

Esigu: Policeman, Leader, Governor


Inspired by the leadership and politics of Sir John Guise as revealed in the recently released ‘Palace Letters’

Oh Diprose
For a businessman
You were too verbose
Speaking out of line
When it was not your place
Brought back in line
By a bigman of our times.

A letter to irk
Supposedly on behalf of Errk
Telling Esigu
His duties he should not shirk
You had Kerr
We had Esigu
The monarchy reigns
With long tentacles
Lurking everywhere.  

But Esigu shuns not his duties
He patrolled his lands
As a policeman
Walking among his people
Walking with his people
Respect he was given

GuiseA leader among his people
Guised as royal representative
But do not be fooled
Do not be misguided
For underneath the governor’s guise
Is Esigu’s true “guise”
Of a leader for his people
And his people alone
For them he speaks
And only by them
Will any failures be atoned.


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Michael Dom

An interesting way to respond to those letters, reading the story they tell as a Papua Niuginian and rendering Sir John's life and actions while revisiting those colonial views in verse.

The ending is a strong statement of national pride and positions ourselves as the final judges of our leaders:

"Of a leader for his people
And his people alone
For them he speaks
And only by them
Will any failures be atoned."

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