Still doing the tough yards
I’m human first; not tribe

On the mend at last


BRISBANE - After three weeks in hospital, a stay much longer than expected, it looks like I’ll be let loose from hausik tomorrow.

Truth be told, I’m a bit of a wreck right now - a mountain of drugs having deprived me of clarity of thought and the ability to easily read and write.

Nevertheless, I have begun to Walk Upright again (assisted by four wheels) with little pain and I feel we’re just a few days away from PNG Attitude returning to normal.

Thanks for the hundreds of messages of goodwill you have sent me. Believe me, they have guided me forward through some tough times.

I’ve received much great writing from you these past few weeks and Look forward to publishing it soon.


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Dominica Are

Dearest Keith, yes you are showered with all our love and prayers for a complete recovery.

arthur williams

Good to know the medicos think your OK to go home.
Don't rush into my favourite website though
Get better first

Kenny Pawa

Olsem Michael tok 'malolo gut'.

Joe Herman

Amamas long lukim yu gen, Keith. Sindaun isi na kisim strong

Chips Mackellar

Welcome back Keith.
We missed you.
All the best for a full recovery.

Paul Oates

Great news Keith. Looking forward to having you back in the action.

william Dunlop

Keith, Now that you are at the stage of feeling reamed out; be assured it gets better progressively; leading to Alls good. Slainte

Ed Brumby

So pleased to hear you're on the road to recovery, Keith. Take good care of yourself

Garry roche

Keith, as Michael Dom said, malalo gut. Wishing you all the best and a great recovery.

Daniel Kumbon

KJ, Take it easy.
Mi amamas long lukim pes bilong yu na lukim gutpela toksave.
Beautiful Noosa is waiting for you up on the Sunshine Coast

Lukim yu

Michael Dom

Bigman, malolo gut.

(Now there's a word.)

Lindsay F Bond

Many many more relieved at Keith's signal of survival, me too.
Take yer time, mate. One good word, lifts any thousand.

Martin Hadlow

Phew, what a relief, Keith.

Take it easy when you get out. Here's hoping the convalescence goes according to plan.

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