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Confusion surrounds Covid-19 fight in PNG

Saving the US of A


TUMBY BAY - The United States of America, under its barking mad sociopath president, is in total disarray at possibly the worst historical moment in a hundred years.

Confusion reigns supreme and anything could happen, none of which will be nice for its people or the world at large.

Among other things Covid-19 is rampant and climate change is accelerating us all towards doomsday.

There is a flip side however.

For starters the irrepressible press and media in the USA is excelling itself in keeping everyone informed about what is happening.

This is despite the president’s campaign of disparagement of the free press through his ridiculous claims about fake news and alternative truths.

Freedom of the press is one of the saving graces of an otherwise broken establishment. Even the sycophantic conservative press like Fox News is weakening its support for Trump as it realises what a disaster he has been.

Of the few things currently worth admiring about the USA the press is a stand-out. If only we had something similar in Australia. If only Papua New Guinea had something similar.

Another positive on the flip side is the way the president and his corporate backers and the system under which they operate is being exposed for the catastrophic farce it is.

Greedonomics under the president’s rule has shown its true colours in the last few years and has been found to be severely wanting. Many thinking people are now considering possible alternatives.

By his actions, the president has also laid bare the social cancer that is racism. A revolution is brewing even as he sends in federal troops to brutalise innocent people, of all colours, exercising their right to protest.

The more Trump rants and raves with his white supremacist friends the more the resolve of the protesters hardens.

Just like his attacks on economic equity he is rapidly digging a hole he won’t be able to easily climb out of.

Another fascinating and positive flip side is occurring in the reign of this pussy-grabbing president.

Powerful and convincing women are coming out of the shadows to claim the spotlight in increasing numbers as a reaction to the president’s explicit and hateful misogyny.

Women like Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, to name a few, are taking the president and his Republican Party head on over a range of gender issues and other matters.

The latter two, one African American and one Latino, are also hammering home the message about racial inequity.

Presidential contender Joe Biden has been listening while the current president rants and raves. He has recognised the wisdom of selecting a female running mate and adopting some of the progressive policies of previous contenders like Bernie Sanders.

He wouldn’t be doing that if it wasn’t for Donald Trump. If Trump was a decent president it is highly likely that Biden would still be just another mediocre, predictable and indistinguishable presidential candidate.

Whichever woman Biden selects to run on the Democratic ticket in November will be a significant factor in his chances of getting elected.

Many people will vote for him on the basis of that woman, whoever she is, and not a few will be hoping that if he is successful he might one day step aside or even fall of his perch so that that woman can take his place.

Repairing a shattered USA is going to be a monumental task because so much damage has been done to it in the last four years.

A free press reporting on its progress and pointing out any missteps will be essential. So too will be the job of coming up with a suitable alternative to wretched neo-liberalism and paving a way for racial and gender equity and healing.

Donald Trump, in his misguided way, has paved the way for change.

There are many lessons from what has happened in the USA. Hopefully Australia takes note. And maybe Papua New Guinea too, especially when it comes to gender equity.

It may be that the once mighty nation that was the USA will regain its equilibrium in time to save the world.

November, when the USA goes to the polls, is going to be hugely significant. In this age of pandemics and ecological disaster the future of everyone will hinge on it.


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Timnaik Pusal

Trump's only problem is he says a lot of silly stuff and always hits back when people (individuals/groups) are critical of him. Other than that his policies are sound and he was elected because he offered something more appealing than Hillary and eight years of Obama/Dems to the American people. I hope he wins in November.

By the way, if Biden wins he will not see out the term, I don't think. As to the question of who should be his running mate? If he has to pick a woman than it's got to be Amy Klobuchar, the moderate and sensible one.

Warren and Harris would pander to the extremists in their party and Harris, in particular, has a poor record (or very ordinary one at most) of management/administration in her tenure as AG of California. No sir, it's Trump-Pence 2020 Making America Great Again and keeping it that way.

Lindsay F Bond

From Plymouth in Mayflower, 400 years ago this year, to Cape Cod Bay, Puritans ventured in belief "that the Church of England was beyond redemption" (Wiki). They were blessed with navigational and nautical expertise.
From Eastern shores of USA (soon?), with preparations progressing, another vessel might venture from this planet. The reach will be of research and resource, perhaps less of redemption.

Bernard Corden

The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything - Joseph Stalin

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