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The Melanesian


I could almost taste her
a powerful blackness oozing
from her neck
and the back
of her ear.
Her lips moved
to emancipate a folktale;
each word carefully chosen,
hastily spoken
between spasms of fear
and anticipation.

She clawed deeper
into my flesh as she spoke,
as if to plant each syllable
firmly in my consciousness.
Her breath weighed into
my emotions
and rustled the leaves
on the tree of knowledge
and patriarchy,
of good and evil.

And life in many shades
of black:
ebony and sable,
raven and ink, leather.
It is with charcoal
that she sees herself,
mirrored in its richness.
She was once used,
unloved and unwanted,
dead to a legacy that
exploited her blackness.

In the place where she was
burnt and buried,
she rises;
a brush to her own portrait,
a bead on her own amulet,
the first black laureate.

As we lie there
commuting our passions,
contemplating our visions,
healing our brokenness,
I could taste her melanin
dripping onto my soul,
a beautiful blackness.


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Lindsay F Bond

Reaching too
a reflective.

Mustn’t we muse when mood whelms
muchly, weighed meanings which make weal,
morsels we’d manage, words meant well?

Gregory Bablis

Beautifully penned and woven with intrigue. Is "she" one woman or is "she" all women or is "she" Mother Nature Herself... Whoever "she" is, she is timeless, she is loved, she is powerful and she is change. .

Michael Dom

Sonnet to morality (for Lindsay F Bond)

A moral compass swings
On the loose finger tips
Of the monster I hide

The smiling fiend who haunts my dreams,
Whose cold silhouette passes me
In the doorway by the mirror

It swings there just at arms length
One step away from horror
One move and I embrace it

I cannot subvert
This weird reflection
To love or hate it

Like a shadow that I cannot outrun:
The compass on my own extended arm.

Lindsay F Bond

By our teeniest flaw(s) Michael? Differentiated yet there endeared?
Wardley writes amazingly, cutting snips such as "of good and evil".

Attendant image of silhouette unavoidably seems a divergent.
Which reminds me of a likeable character whom we would see around July each year in North Queensland, as he travelled with the fun fair that we referred to as the annual 'show'.
Man, could that chap snip, neat and nice silhouettes of any (and many) who would pay him five shillings.
That chap was Ross. "For three decades, S. John Ross was "the Silhouette Man" of Luna Park" (North Sydney), but also travelling for a warmer winter (and wealth) on the Queensland circuit.
A tribute to him appeared fifteen years ago.

In some philosophies, stating two extremes (like good and evil) is to encompass all between, not only as a cut, dichotomous.

Michael Dom

One of the most string lines is

"It is with charcoal
that she sees herself,
mirrored in its richness."

This has earthiness in the essence of carbon, which I hope we can all come to realize that, male or female or whatever, if we're organic, we are all composed.

Scientifically speaking charcoal is the same substance of which diamonds are composed, the hardest substance known to man (and usually bought for women). It's just that the structural alignment of diamonds is perfect.

Furthermore, the value of a diamond is characterized by the particular light spectra or color which it displays, and this is only made possible by it containing a tiny flaw.

Just saying.

Philip Fitzpatrick

I reckon it's a good one too.

An interesting poetic conflation of the words Melanesia and melanin.

Melanesia comes from Greek and means "islands of black people", in reference to the dark skin of the inhabitants.

Melanin is a natural skin pigment. Hair, skin, and eye colour in people and animals mostly depends on the type and amount of melanin they have. Special skin cells called melanocytes make melanin. Everyone has the same number of melanocytes, but some people make more melanin than others.

Functionally, melanin serves as protection against ultra-violet light. Melanin is black, allowing it to absorb a majority of the ultra-violet light and block it from passing through the epidermis, or outer layer of the skin.

Michael Dom

A superb write. This will have mileage.

Capped the well.

Extracted and refined, light sweet crude.

Good high octane fuel.

But we must of course use solar energy and it seems that this is subsumed by melaninity and femininity.

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