The story of a highlands politician
Jennelyn: Will justice prevail?

Turangu Morie

Greg bablis
Gregory Bablis


You asked me why, why don’t I leave you?
But in the same breath, you walked over and locked the door
My head spun, as blow after blow
You performed me a special number
My own tune that night after night I fell asleep to.

Neim blo yu em bikpla lo PNG
You told me you had many other names too
Elvis Presley, Mr Universe, Mr PNG
Mr Money Bags, Fast and Furious
The ‘Dark Prince’ himself
Bruce Lee.

You lived a deluded dream
A world of your own making
Where you were the president and the king
In your world you had everything
Money still channeled to you through your umbilical chord
Every week, the money flowed in, like a stream.

Friends, man oh man, you had many
Boys, girls, men, women
You’d think you could spare me a friend or two
But no, they just looked on
Or turned a blind eye
As you spewed your hate and bile on me.

But don’t forget, mi tu gat neim na namba
I am the daughter of the 35th President of the US of A
I have family, I have friends
I have benefactors, I have sympathisers
I have a clan, I have a tribe
I am just one girl who lived my own life
But in my death I represent many other girl’s lives.

And so these girls, women and men will march
And they’ll chant a tune of change
A tune that you and ‘monsters’ like you will hear
A tune that even powerful men will fear
I hope the law will treat you fairly
I hope it won’t be as harsh as you were to me.

But taim yu go lo bikpla banis
And you face the harshness of Bombexity
You’ll then find out how many real friends you have
You’ll remember my face, my smile
My gentle touch
You’ll remember my kindness and my beauty
But most of all please remember our progeny
For they are the life that you’ve denied me.


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Kenny Pawa

Really touching.

Gregory, Thanks alot

Gregory Bablis

Hi Michael, thank you indeed for your words. i too find it hard to stomach the depraved acts of the self-named Lucifer. We need to start making history and herstory ourstory. We need to start writing ourselves and writing for each other.

Michael Dom

Hi Greg,

This is a well wrought expression and I appreciate it.

Personally I'm too disgusted to say much more about this men's agenda.

Yes, domestic violence is a men's agenda.

If it's true that the 'victorious write the history' then is no wonder we now contend with herstory.

What narratives if division are we to create henceforth?

Racism? Supremacy? Inequity? Bigotry?

I see that Black prophet Bob Marley, turning in his grave or these 'isms and schism's' we still perpetuate.

Gregory Bablis

Thank you for your words Lindsay.

Lindsay F Bond

Grieving, Gregory, yet my grief has no attainment as yours.
Giving words, gifting their connectedness, more we yearn.
Grinding teeth veiled by lipse of smile, "meny" may ponder.

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