Old fogey cognitive deficit disorder
Writer Francis Nii – The origin story


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Michael Dom

This is a superb creation.

Excellent metaphor, more than just the students as busy little bees, but expanding out to metonymy - who thinks of school as a flower and education as their nectar?

Their sonorous buzz almost onomatopoeiac in the text, "From dawn to dusk / From days to weeks / From months to years."

But the crushing end verses have profound and remaining clarity of truth.

"In fact there is no destination."

Ended with a full stop on purpose - to stop the text, to end the sentence to hold the thought in one moment.

Then shatter the silence "Only Eurocentric luxuries."

And again, "Collecting nectars that I ought."

Then slaying the thought, ""Because my dreams / Are Eurocentric luxuries".

Then the damning finale,"But the realities of my dreams / Will never be my destiny."

How many Papua Niuginian school children have felt this way?

How many more will feel this way?

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