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Ohh Sine-Gai Tine

Ambai wagaiEDWIN LAKO

KUNDIAWA - Sine-Gai Tine oh, Prena oh! Your face is like the sunrise when looking up from the bottom of Mt Wilhelm, blinding me for a moment.

Your complexion is as fair as the sands of Madang beach, your hands are as tender as a shepherd’s and you have a warrior’s calf.

Your eyes and smile mesmerise me, and your laughs, they hypnotise me.

I’ve seen Madang but you are more beautiful, you are sweeter than Ramu Sugar, more scenic than the view looking down Mt Wilhelm.

Your fragrance and aroma leave me overwhelmed, your melodious voice silences all others and keeps me awake longer than Kongo coffee.

I’m confused when you become as calm as Lake Yahonde, I’m nervous when you move as fast as Wara Simbu.

Convincing you is like climbing Mt Wilhelm, being with you makes me feel I’ve conquered Mt Wilhelm, losing you is unimaginable.

You are kinder and gentler than the limestone of Chuave but sometimes you’re as rough as that road from Tabare to Laswara.

There is no tale of a Miok flying this way, to Tabare, to Laswara then to Bolen.

I did not come after listening to Ambai Ya! I came as the wind blew me towards you, when the forces of nature took their course.

When I saw a thousand lights shining down there at Bolen, still in the air.

I felt like flying away after I saw you wearing that colourful head dress, l thought you wanted my feathers, not as colourful as those you already had ….

But that was not what you wanted because you took away from me something more. Something I will always come back for.

Oh Sine-Gai Tine of Laswara, I’ve heard of, seen and known. But you…?’


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Gloria 'Gogo' Kaupa

Oh Eddie, that was beautiful!

Hezron Wangi Jr

Culturally grounded and beautifully simple. Awesome stuff Eddie :)

Dee Love

Waooooh! Very sweet poem.

Casia Blasis


Philip Kai Morre

Beautiful, keep your culture which is your identity. The higher you climb Mt Wilhelm or any other mountain in Simbu you will see heaven itself.

Philip Fitzpatrick


Michael Dom

Em tasol ia.

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