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OK Pete, where did the money come from?


ADELAIDE - I don’t know former prime minister Peter O'Neill's parliamentary salary but I'd guess it was not high enough to allow him or his wife to save the millions of kina required to even place a deposit on a house at Point Piper.

For the benefit of Papua New Guineans unfamiliar with Australia's absurdly over-priced property market, Point Piper is amongst the most exclusive and expensive addresses in Australia.

It takes an eye watering amount of money to buy a house there and so it is the effective preserve of the truly wealthy.

The cheap end of the market there starts at around K6 million while the premium end starts at K50 million plus.

Peter or one of his relatives forked out K30 million for the property they quietly sold recently. A middling price for Point Piper.

There is no affordable housing in this suburb for the average Australian nor is affordable housing wanted by residents who have paid megabucks for the chance to live amongst the truly wealthy top one percent of the population.

So, having a home in Point Piper is a signal to the world from a humble Southern Highlands lad and his wife they have truly arrived amongst a very select group of truly wealthy folks.

I wonder if the Papua New Guinea tax office has statutory powers that enable it to call upon people who weem to have unexplained wealth.

Surely O'Neill and his spouse need to explain how he or she acquired enough cash to buy a Point Piper mansion.

Perhaps they are running a betel nut empire on the side or maybe flogging vegetables at Koki on weekends.

Could some brave journalist in the PNG media possibly investigate this matter?

Oh, I forgot, the media don't generally pursue the truth in PNG, preferring to simply repeat whatever the government tells them to say.

What about the Royal PNG Constabulary? Is there any senior officers left who aren’t either so intimidated or so compromised to take a close look at this intriguing case?

I won't be holding my breath about the likelihood of justice being done, let alone being seen to be done.


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Arthur Williams

Best criminal negligence I read way back was of two local 'rascals' decided to break into empty house and were caught in the act.

Guess nobody believed their empty excuses.

Daniel Kumbon

‘Lottery Ticket’ is a short piece in Wendy Lewis’ book Dumbest Blunders, life’s embarrassing moments. He is also the author of Dumbest Criminals.

Buying the occasional lottery ticket does no harm. However this book keeper ramped her rate right up until she was spending as much as SUS 6000 a day on lottery tickets. She couldn’t keep pace so she began stealing from her employer. Bad move. She ended up stealing $US 2,3million in total …all to feed her lottery ticket obsession. Her employers became suspicious after several of her cheques bounced. She went bouncing off to prison for this job.

There is no blunder in PNG when politicians are involved. They are calculating and know what they are doing. But the problem with some of them keep stealing and stealing, building and building, expanding and expanding to where they want to go body knows.

Isn’t it the biggest blunder in life to build an empire through theft and corruption to leave everything behind for others to enjoy when they themselves become dust?

Philip Fitzpatrick

O'Neill was wealthy before he became prime minister, largely through many questionable business deals and a large serving of corruption. The prime ministership was just cream on the cake.'neill-empire-has-a-growth-spurt

Lindsay F Bond

Harks of angles cried allowed
Hears what sounds disavowed
How’s this wealth of tok out loud
Hurts that nation poor yet proud?
Hero was their hereto wish
Here's as if there two washed
His once wished enrich array
Her's ounce wrest in rich away
Heights request on which to say
Humbles quest for where truths stay.

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