Against the fading of the light
National Book Week is meaningless & vain

Reckless Healing


Always in a dilemma of loathing and loving
Your family that keep secrets
You are dismayed but they plead for your silence
It’s for your protection they say,
It’s for everyone’s peace
You want to disappear
But the feeble child inside you feels insecure
Home is what they provide
So you tolerate their exploitative ways
Yes, we all get broken any way
And a reckless healing would do anyway

Always seeking deeper connections
But encounter betrayal from trusted friends
You are disappointed but they begged for a second chance
I’m bleeding, your heart says,
I’m shattering
You are exhausted
But your love is stronger than the torment
Company is what they are
So you forgive their foolish ways
Yes, we all get taken for granted any way
And a reckless healing would do any way

It’s pathetic!
That so much of your time got wasted on the wrong people
That you remain stagnant with toxic people
And in the end proved they weren’t even worth it
Loving hard,
Caring hard,
And trusting hard are weaknesses to some
But are medicines that cured yesterday's pain

Free yourself, darling!
Let them lose you
If that’s what it takes for them to grasp genuine,
Unconditional love
If time and love you have
A reckless healing is possible any day.


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Michael Dom

Plenty of empathy in this piece and good phrasing makes clear expression.

I like that starting line, "Always in a dilemma of loathing and loving".

It sets the pace and the scene: the trials and tribulations of love and relationships, where unconditional love may be a price too high to remit, receipt or reciprocate.

Perhaps we find that when we move from passion to compassion, and it may be a good starting point: empathy.

Lindsay F Bond

Rising writhing thriving striving minding binding.
Topic and touch appeals. Thank you Stephanie.

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