Francis Nii, eminent literary figure, dies in Kundiawa
Unfinished journey: Francis Nii & the struggle for PNG literature

Some of the wise sayings of Francis Nii

Francis Nii at Sir Joseph Nombri Hospital  Kundiawa  2014KEITH JACKSON

NOOSA - In the late Francis Nii’s  many articles for PNG Attitude and in his books are hundreds of aphorisms and wise thoughts.

Here are just a few I’ve quickly gathered.

”Keep hoping and keep searching with patience and you shall find the answer”

“Every wickedness has a cost. At the ripe time the perpetrator will each pay his price”

“One can escape from the court of justice through cunning and false device but the court of conscience is inescapable and sometimes the justice meted is fatal”

“The rural grass roots are survivors. They know how to survive in the harshest conditions and difficult moments. They will still survive whatever the situation”

“Keep dreaming and keep writing. A man with no dream has no purpose in life”

“This is Papua New Guinea, the land where corruption is a way of life”

“When political heroes of today are gone tomorrow and forgotten forever, writers will live on beyond the grave - and that's the beauty about writing even though there is no money in it”

“Literary excellence is the key to unlocking the hidden treasures of life. A nation without literature is a people with lost identity”

BushfireFrancis’s final project – February 2020

From his hospital bed and in his wheelchair Francis was a creative force and a meticulous planner and organiser.

When terrible bushfires devoured eastern Australia last summer, Francis decided to repay Australia’s long history of assisting Papua New Guinea by asking the Simbu people to raise K400,000.

“The great news is that I set the target at K400,000, which everybody thought was impossible. But now we have surpassed that.

“We will be presenting a check of K425,000 to the national government-sanctioned fundraising PNG Heart for Australia Bushfire Appeal.”


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Paul Oates

Among the family testimonials at a funeral I attended recently, an uncle suggested to the grieving family that they remember at least one very good deed, saying or action the person had taught them during their life.

Then, whenever they themselves remember who taught them to do this action, this will ensure the memory of that person lives on.

Philip Fitzpatrick

A few people have been asking about obtaining a copy of Francis' novel, 'Fitman, Raitman and Cooks: Paradise in Peril'.

Ever the perfectionist Francis extensively revised his novel 'Fitman, Raitman and Cooks: Paradise in Peril' a couple of years ago and he published a 2nd edition under the shorter, original title 'Paradise in Peril'.

While the earlier version is out of print this newer 2nd edition is available on Amazon by following this link:

Francis was still working after he became ill and during a brief respite managed to edit and publish a book by Wake Goi, a current minister in the Marape government.

The book 'Flight of a Jungle Eagle - an autobiography of Wake Goi' is also available on Amazon.

If you check out Francis on the Amazon website you'll find even more of his books.

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