Barracks restored after years of neglect
Humankind - the coronavirus of the animal kingdom

A menace called fear


We who fear darkness 
Or stoke his powers
Will come under his spell 
A pit hard to ascend 

Our breath will become his 
Giving life to him 
And all things sinister 
That imprison our will

He will live among us 
A menace hard to end
Coming from this pit in hell 
Stealing light where we dwell

He will dwell in our talks
And work his power charms 
Weave spit in our whispers
Making his ways our norm

We who fear darkness 
Must never stoke his will
Or make peace and alliance 
Giving him birth to life  


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Raymond Sigimet

Lindsay, much appreciation.

Without the implements and guarantee of safety and security, fear is always a constant reminder and dictator. Can be unsettling, this fear of what is and what is not.

It is like a shadow that mocks and pokes at you. It's a menace.

Lindsay F Bond

A word frolic stemming from Raymond Sigimet's poem, 'A menace called fear'.

Yet individuals such as Michael Dom and even Raymond might find fun in the following:

Neurological non-sense
knew no logic that makes tense
blankness preferred
darkness deterred
hewn of would-be attendance.

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