Just another convulsion in western civilisation
Yeah, I know I’m getting on, but….

All true stewards of nature


A band of warriors
Bold and brave with spears
Splendour of their forefathers
Invoked deep is their courage
Faces painted traditional colours of war
All true stewards of nature!

Brothers and sisters of Morobe
Spears sharpened in Tutumang haus
They will not give up
Fighting for Huon Gulf's clear beauty
Saying no to the mine's deep sea deposits
All true stewards of nature!

Brothers and sisters of Sepik
Beating their garamut in Tambaran haus!
Courage is embossed in their hearts
Fighting for the cause of the Sepik river
Saying no to destruction of Freida mine
All true stewards of nature!

It’s never too late
Let's all join the team
Take up our culture
Take up our courage
Together we save our environment.
All true stewards of nature!

Tutumang haus - Morobe traditional man’s house where political decisions were made
Tambaran haus
- Sepik traditional man’s house were political decisions were made
Garamut - traditional drum used send message or used to do traditional dances


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Lindsay F Bond

Birds bathe and preen their feathers.
Stewards serve, gleaning their pleasures,
'frowards' nerve, restraining ill measures,
minding mining retains earth's treasures.

Arthur Williams

In 2012 James Cameron the producer of 'Avatar' was on his way to be the 4th submersible to descend into the world's deepest part of the ocean The Challenger Depth in the Mariana Trench.

He dived first to test his ship in the deeps around New Britain.

Melanesian Tourist Services, Madang were his ships agents in PNG

While in the area he commented on 'exspurts' favouring the Ramu mine's submarine disposal of its filthy tailings into the seas of Madang.

He apparently adversely commented on the false claim by the mine's supporters that the ocean is almost lifeless in the tailing's dispersal zone depth.

I have trouble finding out if submarine tailings systems is legally allowed in Australian, mining. I think in Canada there is ambiguity about it.

Anyone know?

Lindsay F Bond

Upbeat on urgency, unambiguous usage unleashed. Appreciative of Iso's expression.

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