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Facebook is a distraction for students


PORT MORESBY - I’m not against Facebook fans or anything to do with Facebook but I’m writing this article because of concern for my fellow students because I’ve come to realise Facebook can be a big distraction.

As a result, many students are not performing to their potential in the classroom.

A few months ago, I heard of a concerned mother who said her daughter graduated with a diploma because her GPA was too low to graduate as a Bachelor.

The mother said that one of the contributing factors was Facebook. She had found out too late.

So, if students are not careful, Facebook will disturb their studies and the outcome may be poor examination results – and, as in this case, lesser credentials.

Therefore I challenge my fellow Papua New Guineans to stay focused on their studies because time squandered on Facebook can never be regained.

I have come to realise there’s a pull power in Facebook that captivates people without them even realising that many precious hours are wasted.

So I developed a few brief principles to help students stay focus on their studies whether they’re on Facebook or not:

1 - Learn to spend more time with books than with Facebook. Imagine how many pages or books you would finish if you transfer some of the hours on Facebook to reading books.

2 - Stay focused. I have come to realise that when we concentrate on the stuff we should be doing, we accomplish more in a single day. Focus also gives us a sense of responsibility.

3 - Associate with the right company. They say birds of the same feathers flock together. In other words, spend more time with like-minded people to avoid bad peer influence and pressure.

4 - Learn new words every day. Even university students don’t know the right words to express their ideas and this is probably because they don’t make use of their dictionaries. If you learn three words a day, then at the end of each week you will know and remember 21 new words. This is bonus to becoming smart in your studies.

5 - Manage your time wisely. Time squandered can never be regained and this is a tragedy. You can waste money and other stuff but don’t waste time for once it’s wasted, it’s gone.

I see that it’s painful for parents to see their children achieve nothing after all that they have done in raising their children.

My advice to PNG students is to spend more time studying and reading books than socialising with fiends on Facebook.

Facebook is great but time consuming and it can have a bad effect on your desire to excel in life.


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Philip Kai Morre

I have also experience with my own children, They spend so much time on Facebook and it's just getting out of hand.

It's also a factor that some schools are allowing students to go online searching for information to do assignment. Social media is a big problem and we need to regulate and filter information that spoils students.

Pornography is not censored or filtered on the internet. It's obvious that there is no control over such illicit information.

Pritchard Tabali

This is very true. Facebook is now becoming addictive to a lot of our young generation.

Bernard Corden

Dear Justin,

A fascinating article, which reflects and aligns with the work of Neil Postman (Amusing ourselves to death), Sherry Turkle (Alone together) and Andrew Keen (The Internet is not the answer):

Mark Coyne

Facebook and other social media is designed to keep you hooked and to repeatedly revisit them. This is how they make money by people spending time to be exposed to advertising and visiting other media through links. They employ some of the smartest people on the planet to achieve this with little thought or moral conscience. Technology has the potential to be a powerful learning tool for students but they need to develop the skills and the discipline and this can only be through education earlier in life to develop critical thinking and other Higher order thinking skills to create knowledgable and discerning individuals in a rapidly changing world.

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