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PORT MORESBY - I recall a house built by a young man in the village. It was outstanding in the community.

He developed a unique design, secured a tract of land near the village square and built it using long-lasting materials.

The house was to be occupied by the designer’s younger brother in which to keep the designer’s belongings while he went to a faraway place to complete his studies.

As planned he left and his younger brother lived in the house.

While there, the younger brother failed to make a fire nor did he sleep in the house frequently.

He did these things only when he felt like it, but spent most of his time in his parent’s house.

The thatch of the house decayed due to exposure to the elements. Rain water leaked into the house and spiders, dust and termites invaded it and the blinds on the wall totted.

Eventually the structure of the house was affected and it collapsed. Some village boys removed what was left of it.

The house was supposed to be permanent but due to the carelessness of one person, it was a total loss.

If the younger brother had continuously made fire and slept in the house, the frame would have stood strong until it reached its expected duration. But due to carelessness, no!

This is what happens in our lives when we don’t live according to healthy and godly philosophies.

In terms of health, we are told not to take illicit drugs, drink too much beer, smoke normal cigarettes or marijuana and chew betel nut.

The health professionals advise us not to eat fatty and other unhealthy food. They advise us to look after our personal hygiene.

In terms of godly principles, we are the temple of God. There is writing on the wall that we are made in God’s image. He created us.

It is explicitly stated in 1 Corinthians 3:16 in the Bible that “we are temples of God and the Spirit of God dwells in us”.

In reference to this, we are warned against activities like sexual immorality, lying and stealing.

If we break these philosophies, we invite in the spiders, dust and termites. 

Negative mindsets and sicknesses come into our lives. They start to control our lives. Eventually the human body finds it hard to resist these attacks.

As the body succumbs, we are condemned to die at an early age.

Let’s see if we can live according to the philosophies and ensure we live beyond our current life expectancy of 64 years, if we’re lucky.

Footnote: Life expectancy in different countries. PNG - 64. Solomons - 71. USA - 79. Australia - 83.


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