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PORT MORESBY - I believe distraction is the greatest hindrance to impede human potential to accomplish great things in life.

The world today is encircled by distraction. And no person is immune.

The clever inventions developed to help humanity in some cases take us captive as we become fully absorbed in them.

Research shows that distractions cause many car accidents as people play with their smart phones - a distraction of almost pandemic proportions.

Here are a few outcomes of what can happen if we get distracted:

Parents are distracted from spending quality time with their kids which affects the child’s life.

Couples are distracted from spending time together causing loss of trust and even divorce.

Students are distracted from concentrating on their studies.

Authors are distracted from completing writing projects.

Drivers are distracted resulting in car accidents and lives being lost.

Missionaries are distracted from staying focused on mission tasks.

Christians are distracted from praying and studying God’s Word to stay spiritually alive and well.

Pastors are distracted from ministering fully to their parish.

Teachers are distracted from giving of their best to students.

Doctor’s can be distracted from helping patients on their sick bed.

These few items tell us what distraction can cause in our day to day life.

Now, I want to share some brief principles that will help any person stay on the right track and live up to our best distraction-free life.

Stay focused. When we are not focused, it’s so easy to get distracted with the mundane things of life.

Plan every night what to do the next day. This helps us to accomplish what we should do.

Spend morning time on worthwhile chores. When the morning is wasted, it is easy that the rest of the day will be wasted.

Read each day to keep your mind busy. Distraction is easy when our minds are not fine-tuned. A mind that’s engaged in reading is a great mind.

Spend less time on entertainment like Facebook and movies. Hollywood is a fantasy world. What it produces annually is a mere wish but tragically, many of us are glued to this imaginary world which wastes our time.

Engage in a lot of physical exercise to stay fit and healthy. A weak body is a bad servant.

Going for a nature walk or reading a book or meditating on something you need to accomplish helps make a happy mind.

Get yourself into multi-tasking. I know many people will not agree with on this but I believe we can help ourselves to some degree to overcome distractions through multi-tasking. When you plan to do three or four things concurrently, you will see that you have no time to laze around or waste time.

Form right habits. Right habit has the power to keep us focused and in right tract than anything else.

I believe these few principles will help us.


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Philip Kai Morre

In order to achieve something good, we suffer the opposite as well. Distraction is part of life and once we overcome distraction we achieve what we want.

This is a normal situation all of us experience where we have to learn to cope with difficult life stress that paves our way, Human life is not a bed of roses but sufferings brings freedom and prosperity.

Johnny Blades

Strongly agree.

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