Toroama continues his surge in Bougainville
From An Old Poet

Toroama surfs towards presidency in Bougainville

Ishmael Toroama head
Ishmael Toroama



NOOSA – The nineteenth elimination count in the Bougainville presidential election was completed this afternoon with the candidate who has led throughout, Ishmael Toroama, maintaining a significant lead.

Toroama is still more than 13,000 votes ahead of the second-placed candidate Fr Simon Dumarinu, while former Bougainville president James Tanis found himself eliminated.

Dumarinu has increased his lead over the next group of candidates – Tsiamalili, Raivet, and Semoso – to 11,000.

The trend in voting now is well established and with an absolute majority of 66,096 required, it will require a huge change in the way preferences are distributing to see Toroama overcome.

Progressive results after the nineteenth elimination count this afternoon are:

Ishmael Toroama – 41,668
Simon Dumarinu – 28,120
Peter Tsiamalili – 17,302
Thomas Raivet – 17,106
Fidelis Semoso – 16,069
Joe Lera – 11,924


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Chris Overland

As we contemplate the awful prospect that, thanks to the USA's strange and basically undemocratic presidential voting system, Donald Trump may be re-elected as President of the United States despite not winning the majority of votes, Papua New Guineans should briefly pause to give thanks that an Australian legacy in PNG is a preferential voting system.

Consequently, whoever emerges as President of the new proto-republic of Bougainville will have unequivocally secured the support of the majority of voters and thus be legitimised in his important role.

Also, it is pleasure to see the vote apparently proceeding in an orderly and non-disputatious manner. This bodes well for the future of Bougainville.

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