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Despite rhetoric, informal economy struggles

True independence starts in the mind

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LAE - If you don't like the state of the country, commit yourself to changing it.

You don't have to be in politics to do it. If there is trash outside your fence, pick it up.

It is not the job of city and town authorities to pick it up for you. If people aren't doing it, commit time to teaching them what is right.

It takes time and effort. Nobody gets paid. Don't expect rewards. Building a country doesn't work that way.

If you have a job, if you are employed, arrive 15 minutes early every day. Work one hour extra each week for free.

If you are unemployed or work for yourself, think about ways to help your community, instead of being a burden on those around you. Fix the potholes in your road. Yes, your road. Not the government's road.

Make sure the children in your neighborhood, your community, your family, go to school on time. Help your relatives start businesses. Help your brothers and sisters create jobs. Help them to be independent.

Why should jobs be created only by foreign investors? Why should we work for slave wages when it is in our hands to create work for our own people?

If we are to work for pay, it must be for ourselves and for our own countrymen and women who understand the complexities of PNG society and the family obligations that come with it. Our systems are different.

Teach the youth in the community about the true reasons why the government allows alcohol to exist and allows the troubles it causes to go unabated.

Teach them about the slavery of mind and spirit caused by alcohol. We have great opportunities here in this country.

We have a young country waiting to be molded into how we want it to be. It starts with little actions, hard work and consistency.

Stop sending lazy petitions to heaven when you have not done the work here on earth.

Stop demanding for an end to corruption when you are a person that turns up late for work and mistreats your fellow Papua New Guinean.

Shame the government into acting by being better than your leaders.

Only an independent thinking people will choose the best leaders to represent them.


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Lindsay F Bond

A voice for change has 'Rung' in Thailand.
A choice for change has PNG in thought?
See: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-09-24/young-student-taking-on-thailands-monarchy/12692276
For the likes of Scott and Philip, is it the "irrational" or the insufficiency of irritation?

Philip Kai Morre

We need to train our minds as the mind is the core of our existence. The brain is the central nervous system that controls our bodily functions as well as our intellectual, morality and behaviour.

The violence in our minds contributes to the violence of our times.

We need to have:

1. A desire or will power to change.

2. A strong believe that it is possible to change.

3. Usually some interaction with others. E.g. Counsellor, friend, teacher, spiritual director, readings from books, listening to music, seeing video and tapes etc.

4. Work out the behaviours or areas that needed to be changed.

5. Evaluate and monitor your change to see your progress.

Our perceptions determine our responses to events going on around us. Our responses generate our emotional feelings. The element to bringing about change is to change our irrational thinking.

Getting in touch with our irrational thinking helps us to be happy which freed us from anxiety depression, fear, and hopelessness.

Kenny Pawa

Thank you Scott.

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