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Wallace Parimahi
Wallace Parimahi - talented young writer whose winning entry in the Paradise College writing contest, 'Project Infiltration', will be published in PNG Attitude tomorrow

| PNG Paradise College | Innovative School of the 21st Century

PORT MORESBY - I first heard of Paradise College when the principal, Mr Safak Deliismail, contacted me in 2016 to be a guest speaker at their ANIS Writing Competition awards.

I couldn’t make it at that time but three years on I am teaching at Paradise College in the subject I love to teach, Language and Literature.

It has been an awesome journey learning new skills that are enhancing my teaching to a higher level.

PNG Attitude readers might like to know that I have moved to Port Moresby after many years in Lae.

Life in POM, as everyone calls it, is much more urbanised and different from the rural setting and more easy-going life we were used to, but my kids and I have finally grasped hold of the 'fast lane' here.

Marlene Potoura
Marlene Potoura - one of PNG's best short fiction writers is now teaching at Paradise College in Port Moresby

I’ve been busy in my teaching job at Paradise College. I love working at this school and seem to have adjusted to its demands and deadlines.

My writing has taken a sort of a different turn as I am currently writing Language and Literature question banks for Grades 9 and 11 and also a Homework text book for Grade 6.

Earlier this year, I was put in charge of the ANIS Writing Competition and even though we were in Covid-19 lockdown on the last day for story entries we were able to continue when we returned.

I was looking forward to moving the competition to another level in 2020 but Covid-19 muddled up our plans.

However being disrupted by the pandemic didn’t stop us from choosing the competition winners who each won a PNG-authored book from the University of PNG bookshop.

The winners for the Paradise College 2020 ANIS writing competition are:

Grades 7 – 8

Best Story in Suspense – ‘Time Traveller’ by Sharley Rose Kipo, Grade 8 Caring

Story with Best Elements – ‘Bonds of Hardship; A new hero’ by Joana Poya, Grade 8 Caring

Best Language Usage – ‘The Ultimate Rescue Mission’ by Jemimaha Yakka, Grade 7 Balanced

Grades 9 – 10

Best Story in Suspense – ‘The Recruitment’ by Fabianna Clair Wutozum, Grade 9 Open-minded

Story with Best Elements – ‘The Avengers – Age of Extinction’ by Isimel Tokiong, Grade 10 Principled

Best Language Usage Story – ‘The Speed Goddess’ by Stephanie Pelis, Grade 10 Thinkers

Grades 11 – 12

Best Story in Suspense – ‘I’m a Glitch’ by Timothy Breria, Grade 11 Reflective

Story with Best Elements – ‘The Avengers – Mud and Stone’ by Matthew Veisame, Grade 11 Reflective

Best Language Usage Story – ‘Project Infiltration’ by Wallace Parimahi, Grade 12 Risk Takers

In tomorrow’s PNG Attitude, we will feature Wallace Parimahi’s winning story, ‘Project Infiltration’.

Wallace Parimahi comes from a mixed Milne Bay, New Ireland and East New Britain parentage and started attending Paradise College in 2015 as a Grade 7 student.

He says that writing ‘Project Infiltration’ allowed him to test the limits of his imagination.

“As with any other fan fiction story, I aimed to make the story my own,” he said.

“The challenge in this was finding a way to combine my passion for short story writing with my liking for all things superhero.

“Eventually the outcome of this is…. well, you will read the story tomorrow.

“Venturing into the future, I plan on continuing to write more stories for everyone to read.

“At the same time, I wish to further enhance my writing abilities,” Wallace said.

Read more about Wallace here


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Caroline Evari

Love it! Looking forward to reading 'Project Infiltration'.

Philip Kai Morre

The name Paradise College itself points out beauty, happiness, peace and prosperity.

Promote writing aims for greater good, moral values, creative insights and increased intellectual ability.

Roslyn Tony

Way to go. Very impressive. Keep it up.

Kenny Pawa

Great work.

Lindsay F Bond

Marlene, very pleasing to glimpse viewing points from your journey, adjustments, and vibrancy.

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