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Are we warriors or are we worriers?

Scott Waide
Gary Juffa

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ORO – Governor Gary Juffa: We have transformed from a nation of ‘warriors’ who thought of the future, and fought for justice and their people to one of ‘worriers’ who worry about only today, ignore injustice and fight only for themselves.

LAE – Journalist Scott Waide: A warrior is one who battles with himself. The conflict happens in the mind and the spirit. It resolves ethical dilemmas and internal strife.

For he knows wars have to be won in the mind first before plans are executed on the battlefield.

A warrior fights for his family first. Then realises his family cannot appreciate true happiness unless others around him are safe and content.

A warrior is the one with the ability to do great violence but chooses not to do so. He is the buffer, the balance between the weak and the puffed up peacocks who openly flaunt their perceived might.

A warrior appreciates lessons in humility. He knows that the basics have to be practiced daily even if he is no novice in the art of violence.

A warrior is a scholar and a thinker. Intelligent, cultured and of good taste.

We were warriors. What are we now?


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