Roof of PNG: Climbing Mount Wilhelm, 1974
Principles of staying focused

Destined For Me


That precious moment
That glorious morning
In that place of worship
My life’s course to change
From being young to now
My life’s destiny, you
You were destined for me

The moment I sighted you
The minute first sighted
That hour, that day, that time
Marked a new chapter beginning
My life’s destiny in reach
The day I first sighted you
Never knowing before
You were destined for me

That precious moment
Back then, so innocent and young
I never knew
You were destined for me

So young, innocent, handsome
Just another of the lads in church
An ordinary Highlands boy but different
Different ideas and plans for life
Your destiny was in your Creator’s plan
Even before conception
Your creator created you for a purpose
That was to be with me

To be with me back then
For now and forever
For better or for worse
You were destined for me
I am so lucky to have you

You treated me with respect
Love, care and understanding
The world changed for me
Then and forever
Another chapter of my life’s journey
The day you treated me like a princess
A person of royal blood,
As if the only person in the world

The day you confessed
Confessed your love, your dedication
Your desire and your commitment
To be with me, then and forever
For better or for worse
For good and bad times
Through thick and thin
In sorrow and in pain
When the sea is rough and when smooth
Heaven and earth witnessed
You confirmed you were destined for me

We have sailed the sea of life
We’ve toiled the field of life
We’ve travelled sealed and bumpy roads
We have come a long way
A long way we have to go
Through the journey of life

Together we can
Together we will travel
Until death do us part
Because you are destined for me.


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