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Dramatic development change needed for PNG

How we waste our power

| My Land, My Country

LAE - One of our biggest failures as a people is that we give our power to someone else and expect them to do use it for our good.

We vote in politicians and expect them to speak for us and solve every single problem when we have the solutions.

We expect the media to be our voice when we still have ours yet choose not to use it.

We expect the police to save us from crime while we hide our friends who are criminals.

We call on lawyers to resolve our disputes in court when we have the power of dialogue and negotiation.

Many of us don’t even attempt to use that power.

We have the power to encourage Papua New Guinean entrepreneurs to grow and create jobs, yet we look for ‘investors’ who enslave our people with low paying jobs.


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Kenny Pawa

Wisdom! Thank you, Scott.

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