Bai yupela kam bek gen?
Are we warriors or are we worriers?

The death of Rodney


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PORT MORESBY - This is the story of an old Englishman who passed last Sunday morning.

It was late when our small Korobosea Seventh Day Adventist Church group knew about his plight on Facebook and immediately stepped in to help him.

We brought him to Port Moresby General Hospital for medical attention.

The team further visited his temporary home at Vadavada settlement where his foster son, Paul, was taking care of him, providing food, water etc.

Being unemployed, Paul and his Goilala family could only do so much to take care of him, with love and compassion.

The team again stepped in on his passing, took his body to the morgue, informed the British High Commission and contacted his family in Perth and the United Kingdom.

We gained their approval to bury him at the 9 Mile cemetery, so far from home.

Rodney came to serve our country as a young 25-year old public servant.

He decided to remain here after losing his beloved wife and children in a fatal car accident.

After then, he never ever took a ride in any vehicle. He walked and walked his days until he could walk no more.

Rodney was bedridden at the time of his passing.

We have given him a decent burial after a service by our pastor as requested by his family in Perth and the UK.

All expenses involved in his last days and burial are borne by these volunteers, loving Christians from the group. God bless every one of them.

Rest in peace, Rodney. God knows where you will be on His second coming to take us all to our prepared heavenly home.


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Joe Herman

Sorry to learn about Rodney. I met him in the Enga when he worked for Waso in the late 1970s. He came to our place for dinner one time.

The last time I saw him was at a bus stop on Waigani Drive in the late 1980s.

RIP Rodney.

Philip Fitzpatrick

That's a touching story. I'd like to know more about Rodney.

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