Elsie didn’t always do it sweet in league
Australia's PNG hand-out drops slightly to K1.2b

The Power of Muddle Mind


A web of human mind,
Showing deep mind boggling,
A thought like a wireless gadgets,
Impelling deeper work of a neuron.

A tangle mind fearful,
Human inflated badly,
The power of muddled mind,
Disappearing sagacity of permissive.

Forgetting sense of humour,
As permanently jumbled,
And lost in infernos,
Like residing underworlds.

Topsy-turvy and highly neurotic,
Switching brain waves,
Like a web locating sites of a hades,
And seen obvious as mental.

Scrambled mind intellectual,
In a sense of mental,
Viewing hades in a mental eye,
In a mind of neural network.

A mental useless in physical sense,
But, enjoying sense of mental arithmetic,
Viewing in half decent eye.
Seen every netherworlds as beautiful.

And lax care to human,
Grieving outward appearance,
And a person never abetted,
Looking mental meaningless to human eye.

Triggering unwilling to human,
Denying proper aid,
No sympathy assured,
Unknown paltry to human.


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