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The 12 reasons I prefer Marape to O’Neill

Marape Oneill
Are we about to see a second face-off between James Marape and Peter O'Neill?

| PNG News | Edited

PORT MORESBY – Why are so many people supporting prime minister James Marape?

It’s because he has revolutionary ideas that will propel this country into economic independence in years to come.

Let me highlight some achievements so far.

  1. The change in resources laws giving greater benefit to the country, host provinces and landowners. These laws will reap greater rewards for our country’s resources including, mining, oil and gas, timber, oil palm, nickel and others.

  2. Injecting funds into agriculture, which is always the backbone of the country. Marape appointed three vice ministers, covering fisheries, agriculture and livestock.

  3. Public service reforms by cutting out unnecessary red tape.

  4. Law and order has been given attention and for the first time serious discussion. Real laws have been passed to combat corruption.

  5. District and provincial services improvement funds SIP rightfully belonging to PNG’s 89 districts and are not being tampered with unlike the O’Neill regime.

  6. For the first time, the small to medium enterprises (SME) sector is being supported through making money available at BSP and NDB banks for small business to use. The SME sector’s contribution to employment by creating jobs is welcome.

  7. The passing of the law to establish ICAC, the Whistle Blowers Act and allowing freedom for the judiciary.

  8. Freedom of the press as it should be after being suppressed for so long.

  9. Open and transparent negotiation of national projects in the resource sector.

  10. Open communication and listening to local MPs and governors and to the entire country’s opinions, concerns and ideas – something the country lacked for so long.

  11. Fighting for fair share of the benefits for landowners and the government from resource projects.

  12. Refinancing previously high interest loans with low to zero interest loans for better debt management.

There are more but believe me this has been done in only 18 months. Why can’t we give Marape more time like the previous regime had?

The changes are huge and over time the future generations will reap the benefits from such decisions.


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Will Motz

I agree with the writer to allow the current PM to continue the progress he has made.

I would like to see more changes made in the forestry and fisheries industries to reduce the number of foreign investors especially Asians and increase national participation.

I would also like to see enforcement of the vagrancy act in all urban areas around PNG and encouragement of people to stay in their villages and participate in commercial agriculture or fisheries.

I would like to see more emphasis on economic development in the Papuan region outside the National Capital District.

Reintroduce military cadet schemes in high schools that we had in the 1970s with emphasis on discipline and community service to raise future responsibility leaders and citizens.

Lindsay F Bond

Could there be, should there be a 13th?
Please James, just meet and greet and talk with PNG writers?

Michael Dom

"Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater
You broke our laws and called cops spies
You pulled the strings; you propped the Speaker
MPs flocked to you like flies

Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater
You fooled them all with your smooth lies
But not this Assistant Pig Keeper,
I know, where there’s shit there’re flies."

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