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Fierce words from Marape to ‘political scumbag’

James Marape - "A Huli doesn’t surrender in a fight, you have to kill me on the battlefield and I will die with dignity"


NOOSA – Papua New Guinea’s prime minister James Marape has arisen with fire in his belly this Monday morning.

A short time ago he issued a short and pugnacious Facebook message to members of parliament who are plotting to overthrow his government.

The plotters are reportedly led by former prime minister Peter O’Neill and his former deputy Belden Namah.

They claim to have a majority of members who have defected to them, but a parliamentary vote of no confidence cannot be held for another month.

“Produce your numbers on the floor, mate,” a belligerent Marape wrote to chief plotter Belden Namah.

“I am a Huli chief responsible for the small people’s dreams to be rich in their God-given rich land and waters throughout the length and breadth of my country.”

He went on to say that “a Huli doesn’t surrender in a fight, you have to kill me on the battlefield and I will die with dignity.

“I would rather die in battle for the values I stand for than succumbing to the call of a political scumbag.

“And if you do kill me, I can assure you and your cronies, I have kindled a fire in the gut of many of my innocent country-loving first and second term MPs who will carry the fight to take back our country’s resources from the hands of greedy few elites who play this game under the pretext of people’s interest,” Marape said.

“Don’t ask me to resign, come and get it off me in the battlegrounds of Waigani.”

Referring to Namah’s previous hijacking of parliament, Marape concluded: “You, Belden Namah took it illegally off the father of our nation [Sir Michael Somare] in 2011.

“It will not be as easy this time around.”


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Daniel Kumbon

I will confirm just yet but Parliament is said to have been adjourned to April next year, giving enough time to the executive arm of government to carry with running the country.

Speaker of Parliament Job Pomat recalled parliament to convene this morning after finding that the adjournment to Deceimber this year by Belden Namah breached the Organic Law and Standing Orders, the perfect opportunity to adjourn parliament.

A couple of red faces will emerge out of Vanimo.

The division was good. It exposed desperate people. I mean James Marape was in government for just one year. And what would a new government archive in just one year before the elections in early 2022?

Lindsay F Bond

Report in Post Courier has it that "about 15 backbenchers and ministers .... were caught by surprise and voted for the motions with the opposition."


Was that true? Surprise? Of these people, is now likely 15 faces are blushing? Geldoff's lyrics 'Do They Know It's Christmas' comes to mind. Send help?

Philip Kai Morre

Continuous vote of no confidence makes no sense and it does not create anything better. It promotes greed and selfish interest. For the remaining 2 years allow James Marape to stay on until next election. You can replace him at the election time.

I am not saying James Marape is better but the effects after any vote of no confidence is far more worse than good.

Michael Dom

Good. Marape can't go anywhere yet.

We're not done with him yet at Ples Singsing.

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