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Marape intends to clean out the house

Marape’s resolute & patriotic stand


PORT MORESBY – Papua New Guinea’s prime minister, James Marape, consolidated his political capital with 52 MPs and urged calm to Papua New Guineans, the business community, international friends, supporters and political observers in a press conference on Friday.

He warned against corporate lobbyism by mineral resource developers peddling money bags as part of their questionable pursuits. You can link here to his full press conference.

I want to tell you what we, most Papua New Guineans, know and feel.

James Marape's resolute stand on the Porgera special mining lease issue won the people’s hearts. That's massive political capital built by Marape and it will not be eroded easily by day traders and carpetbaggers with zilch at heart for the interests of the common people.

We know and feel that our beloved country and her people’s interests were at the core of the Marape government's decision to allowing Barrick Niugini Ltd's Porgera mine lease expire.

Lobbying, from whichever quarter it is emanating, will end in disappointment.

Marape's government, demonstrated it was serious in availing a credit enhancement facility of K200 million through PNG-owned banks for PNG-owned small to medium size enterprises. It was a clear testament to the belief in our people's economic well-being and self-reliance.

CorneyIt is also consistent with the country's key declaration of National Principles.

The passing of the amendments to the Mineral Acts in parliament last week will greatly assist this national journey of self-sufficiency and economic independence.

The passing of the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) Act, also achieved in parliament last week, is a powerful statement of purpose and intent for a fair and equitable homeland.

The 85% price drop in internet services was a landmark decision of the Marape government on 1 July 2019.

The people of Papua New Guinea are calm and at peace. We stand united with Marape's government to see through the remaining term of this eighth parliament.


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Lindsay F Bond

Corney, no challenge to your message nor its imperative, but to inquire.

Are inquisitive onlookers to gauge the resolve you express as being that of both groupings within the PNG Parliament today?

There seems an almost halfway divide among elected representatives of the people of PNG, thus near 50% of elected representatives are not (yet) united in the Marape leadership.

In another item on this blog, Bernard Corden draws attention to the capacity of technological manipulation in the Ellullian model.

In that model, it is suggested those with "zilch at heart for the interests of the common people" may well be courting the excitement of refining techniques and procedures as much for the journey as for any windfall results.

At this juncture, the PNG parliament and PNG as a society seem at sea, surfing on waives of self report and sundry courting.

This comment intends no malice, rather to encourage keener understanding.

Corney Korokan Alone

I heard somewhere that writing is fighting.

The only, only thing that the citizens of our beloved homeland Papua New Guinea will not and will never tolerate in this 21st century is that of external multinational corporate interests meddling in internal affairs.

This is documented in the "Confessions of an Economic Hitman:

The citizens of Papua New Guinea clearly know and understand the criminal intent of gangster-like mobs' thirst for gaining financial as well as political power.

We are remaining calm yet resolute and determined for economic equity and independence before we reach 50 years of statehood as an independent nation.

Nothing will stop us in our bold determination and pursuits.

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