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Nobetau termination unlawful: National Court

Joseph Nobetau - "The case always meant more than a job to me"


BUKA - Today in the Papua New Guinea national court, Justice Nicholas Miviri ruled that my termination as chief secretary of the Autonomous Bougainville Government was unconstitutional

I stand vindicated.

It has taken a long time to reach this point: more than 12 months since initiating legal proceedings against the Bougainville executive council and government, who dragged the matter out and delayed proceedings at every opportunity.

This case always meant more than just a job to me.

As a proud Bougainvillean, I stand by the work that I did and the reforms that I put in place.

I was asked to take a stand against corruption and rid the rot from the public service. 

That is what I did.

I have been the subject of character assassination by a man I once regarded as a friend, former Bougainville president John Momis.

To hear him make wild accusations in the media claiming I was deliberately undermining a democratically elected government was grossly unfair and unwarranted.

It defamed me and I intend to pursue legal damages against him personally to the very end.  There must be consequences.

This case has once again demonstrates that in PNG as a whole, the rule of law prevails.

All of us have an obligation to stand up for our constitutions, the highest laws in PNG and Bougainville.

I look forward to finally resolving this matter and repairing the financial ruin it placed on my family and myself and, just as importantly, restoring my reputation as a man of principle.

I will never be intimidated or knocked down by those who seek to undermine our laws, betray good governance and take benefit for their own personal gain.

I thank my legal counsel, Ms Gloria Salika, and her team for their steadfast support and judicial expertise.

And I thank my wife Rose and my four children for always being by my side, during what has been a very difficult time.


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