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PNG chaos as Marape losing grip on power

Namah marape
Belden Namah (left) seems to have wrecked James Marape's leadership in a massive movement of MPs against his leadership



In a parliamentary vote today on a non-substantive matter, 57 Opposition members voted together (56 being a majority) while 39 voted with PM Marape although he claims to have 52 who support him. 

NOOSA – Papua New Guinea once again stands on the edge of massive political upheaval as a huge number of ministers and other politicians have indicated they will cross the floor in a vote of no confidence in James Marape.

The nine minister expected to defect from the government to join the Belden Namah led putsch include Basil, Pruaitch, Thatchenko and Parkop.

Other prominent politicians who say they will do the same include Juffa, Tom, Bird, Kramer, Wingti, Davis, Wong, Duma and Kuman.

They include politicians who are considered ‘good guys’ like Juffa, Tom, Bird and Kramer.

At the latest count the opposition has mustered 78 of 111 MPs in parliament, a number which would put a vote of no confidence in doubt.

This uproar occurs on the eve of an intended visit by Australian prime minister Morrison to PNG.

As Ian Taukuro commented on Twitter, “Sorry PMJM. Clearly, they are taking back PNG from you.”


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Arthur Williams

When the dirty water boils the scum comes to the top.

Lindsay F Bond

Non-zero numbas. Not spur of moment?
Not about Namah? Is about movement?
Free to exercise independence, well, yes. But party politic is yet pyroclastic..
Here's hope for converse that is honest, less of verbals and also without cons.

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