Through immigrant eyes – Part 1
My work goes on; the judiciary will decide

We are marching to a better future

Gary Juffa - "I am seeing a more intelligent and brilliant young generation rising up"

| Governor of Oro Province

PORT MORESBY - I have to marvel at what seems to be an amazing phenomenon taking shape largely due to the internet and the rapidly evolving technology that makes global education possible almost instantaneously.

People are learning, becoming wiser and more careful about their choices.

Not fast enough, but for sure. It gives me much hope for our country.

Meanwhile I am seeing a more intelligent and brilliant young generation rising up.

They do not have colonised mindsets. They don't accept the status quo. They are global citizens.

Whether they are in a village, settlement or urban centre, many are moving with determination and confidence and their talents are phenomenally capable of making a mark for Papua New Guinea in the world.

We are but 45 years old.

Just a baby nation.

Many times it's easy to feel anxious that PNG isn't progressing, but these are just the growing pains.

In fact many nations when they were just 45 years old were in very dark places.

Yet they matured and grew up and became the great thriving economies they now are.

It isn't easy for a land of a thousand tribes and 830 languages to suddenly merge together with their plethora of customs, cultures and mindsets to be as this diverse and yet so united.

The hope is our youth. They shouldn't be dismissed and ridiculed. They must be embraced and nurtured to take up the fight from when we step down.

We are marching to a better future. The key is resilience and a positive can-do mindset.

The naysayers and critics and cannot mindsets are also useful. Don't dismiss them.

They challenge us and energise us in necessary ways to move us all forward and upward.

Our role is to be guardians of a greater PNG and a future we own, to encourage them and help them fight this war for true freedom.

And it will happen. People are no longer easily fooled. There are still many sheeple. But amongst them are rising lions.

Have a great day Papua New Guinea. Be proud of your place in this world. It's no longer just their world. It's ours too.


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Lindsay F Bond

Again Governor Gary Juffa is reported making very valid remarks, this time about his observation of constituent behaviours and beliefs. He mentions two "fronts" that present challenge to true freedom.


His second 'front' is about a kind of blasé attitude, the kind that neglects to put in the effort required to defend freedom for the nation and for each of its citizens.

To take that front on, and seriously, the following spells it, but with humour.

All to see?
Blabbing on knee
Clapping on free
Dabbling on free
Dappling what’s free
Flapping on free
Grappling on free
Lapping on free
All too be?
Napping on knee
Mapping on free
Slapping on free
Strapping what’s free
Tapping on free
Yapping on free
Zapping on free
All easy?

Lindsay F Bond

G'day Governor Gary - About light in dark places, all the best is my wish for PNG people. Make no mistake, the sharpest of comments can bring out joys.

For example, the buai trade has ugly events as reported from Gulf Province.


There you will see [Independent Observer, 3 December 2020]: "It's filthy and unhygienic and it doesn't employ anyone. Sitting on you arse whole day long to sell drugs that cause cancer and at the same time create filth, dirt and rubbish is not good for society. Just ban it."

Is this not the Number 1 health problem in PNG? It's not just "naysayers" it's also about people saying nothing.

No joy for a politician. Not yet. But when?

Joe Herman

Nice inspirational article. All "guardians" owe a basic fiduciary responsibility-that they act in an honest manner in managing the PNG's assets. Shedding some light on the "dark places" might be a good place to start.

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