Marape intends to clean out the house
Bougainville's conman 'king' still on the run

What James Marape wrote to the people….

Marape_Haus_LotuJAMES MARAPE

PORT MORESBY - As Sabbath descends, I am at peace.

All things happen for a reason in its season. To all the people of Papua New Guinea, don’t be uptight of what happened today when some of my colleagues decided to leave my government.

They are elected leaders, what they did today is within their rights so I ask our people to respect the work of our parliamentary democracy.

The prime minister’s seat is not my birthright. If MPs feel I am not capable, then they have every right to exercise their rights and put someone better than me for our country.

But until then, I remain prime minister and in my heart of hearts.

I have fought for greater returns from our resources, including Porgera now being progressed for a better deal.

I have passed corruption fighting laws like the Whistleblowers Act and ICAC Act, and allowed police, courts and media to function without fear or favour.

I have cleaned up a mess, especially the financial debts of past governments.

I have started to distribute development to rural PNG in a fair and equal manner.

I have programmed small to medium sized enterprises for our citizens to be empowered.

I have put money aside to pay good prices for our people growing coffee, copra, cocoa, etc.

I have restored the trust of Bougainvilleans in PNG for a better working relationships.

So PNG don’t be alarmed, it’s just politics going on and I apologise for inconveniences caused to our country and our various stakeholders.

If it is God’s will I remain prime minister above this nasty greedy politics, then I will.

But if my time is up, then there will be nothing much I can do.

In the meantime I remain prime minister.


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